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The death of his family was not the beginning. His nightmare started way before you even think about. Immerse yourself in the deepest secrets of one of the most relevant characters in Marvel Comics Universe: the famous vigilante,




Year 2020. Located in a secret laboratory, 30 meters below ground, Dr Gregory Allen leads a team of scientists looking for an antidote for a very rare and extremely dangerous virus that would be a threat for human kind:  The Virus M.A.D

 Months have passed, and work is productive. Until one day when a team member gets infected during the investigation process. The security measures/ rules are clear for those who run the laboratory: no one can get out! Dr Allen and his team are now trapped in a secret bunker with an infected man with a very unstable virus. Would they be able to find the cure before it is too late? Before this unlucky man… mutates…?



Madison, a young actress with a bright future in the film industry is driving heading to the Mexican border. In her luggage: a letter from her boyfriend Erik, a gun, a bag full of money and a film can with the alternative ending of one of the most relevant movies of the century. How she gets such an interesting package is hard to explain. She is trying to leave something behind. And she is not going to let anyone stop her.